The Skaneateles Education Foundation awards grants to enrich student learning, enhance instructional programs and learning tools, encourage professional development, and to promote the standard of excellence at Skaneateles Central Schools. Although it is not necessary to achieve them all, grant proposals funded by the Foundation will receive favorable consideration when they achieve a high percentage of the following Foundation objectives:

  • Serve as an opportunity for enrichment that cannot be funded through the normal school budget
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches or methodologies
  • Are consistent with the Skaneateles Central Schools curriculum and NY State DOE standards
  • Serve as an effective pilot for possible future programs
  • Include a method of assessing the project’s effectiveness
  • Offer the possibility of continued impact for more than one year
  • Encourage and facilitate student and other educator feedback
  • Offer expanded opportunities for application in other curricula and use by other educators
  • Anticipate, encourage, or reflect the expanded use of technology
  • Encourage partnership with other funding sources
  • Impact as many students as possible

Grants for student projects will receive favorable consideration when they promote, expand, or enrich student opportunities in a manner consistent with the Foundation’s mission.



Programs and initiatives supported by SEF span all academic disciplines and grade levels. Categories of support include student programs, staff and curriculum development, capital equipment and supplies, and guest speakers and performers.

Funding for SEF means funding for academic excellence and enriched curricula in the areas of STEM, The Arts, Humanities and Wellness.

  • STEM Initiative

    STEM Initiative

    In December 2013, the Skaneateles Education Foundation and the Elsa and Peter Soderberg Charitable Foundation announced a collaboration with the Skaneateles Central School District to fund an initiative to improve education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. The total investment in STEM education at the end of 4 years will be close to $250,000.

    STEM grants supported by the Foundation include hydroponics, 3D printers, summer math and STEM camps, Engineering is Elementary, robotics, the Zoom Room, the audio engineering lab and so much more.

  • The Arts

    The Arts

    There are a great many links between learning in the arts and student achievement. Study in these disciplines – dance, drama, multi-arts, music, and visual arts – have multiple connections to improved reading, verbal, writing and math skills, and to creative thinking. And yet funding for the arts is often in jeopardy. Support from the community is critical for maintaining strong programs and nurturing the remarkable talent evident in our students.

  • Humanities


    The humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture – the study of language, literature, history and the social sciences. A strong foundation in the humanities is at the core of a well-educated student. In this ever-changing and increasingly digital age, SEF has supported teacher grants that explore new technologies and curricula that engage students and provide instruction that is relevant and inspiring.

  • Wellness


    Wellness in schools is no longer about simply having a healthy snack policy. As anxiety levels in students across the country increase, the social and emotional well-being of children is getting more attention. The District has adopted a purposeful approach to nourishing Six Dimensions of Wellness, and SEF supports these efforts.

  • Jean Graham Fund

    Jean Graham Fund

    The Jean Graham Fund is established to provide funding for transformative summer learning opportunities for teachers in the Skaneateles Central School District. This permanently endowed fund has been established through gifts made in loving memory of Jean Graham, a retired teacher and founding director of the Skaneateles Education Foundation. Each year, this fund generates resources that allow one grant recipient to pursue an inspiring learning experience related to classroom enrichment and global studies. This prestigious award provides opportunities for personal growth in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

  • Scholarships


    Summer Learning Scholarship to iD Tech Camp

    Since 2016, SEF has awarded these scholarships including tuition, room and board to iD Tech overnight summer camps on college campuses across the Northeast. Courses have included everything from C++ Programming to VR Game Design, and Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity. iD Tech Camp is the world’s #1 educational summer computer camp for kids and teens, “where summer fun meets real-world skills.”

    The idea of starting this scholarship program was brought to SEF by SHS Class of 2010 alumnus, Duncan Mahood, who worked for iD Tech at the time and donated the day camp in 2016 and 2017. The Mahood Family contributed the overnight portion of those grants.

    The Elsa Allyn Soderberg Family Fund has been partnering with the Skaneateles Education Foundation to fund these scholarships since 2018, and the Feehan Family began contributing in 2022.

    Visit to download an application.

Grant Applications

The Skaneateles Education Foundation accepts and reviews for consideration three types of grant applications. Review and apply for the various available grants by clicking below.