Gary Campbell

Gary and his family have been Skaneateles residents since 2004. Their eldest, Raenah, is pursuing her B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences at Drexel, class of 2022. Their son Matheu, class of 2021, and youngest daughter, Maya, class of 2029, attend Skaneateles schools. Gary’s wife, Rhonda Gall-Campbell, teaches sixth grade Science and Social Studies in the Southern Cayuga School District. Gary holds a B.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering and is currently reading for an MBA in finance. He has functioned in various capacities in the primary metals, power generation, downstream petrochemical and bio-pharma chemical industries, as well as in the design and construction of several greenfield sites and their subsequent operations. Gary’s is currently developing his consultancy with a core focus on the comprehensive optimization of business management and technical processes within small, medium and micro enterprises.

Being native to the Caribbean and having amazing firsthand experiences living in different cultures, the value, benefits and importance of community involvement, diversity and inclusion are of great significance to the Campbell family. Be it Matheu’s weekly classical piano performances at the senior living center, Rhonda’s teaching of faith formation classes at St. Mary’s, Raenah’s coaching with the “Philly Girls in Motion,” or Maya accompanying Gary with Lions’ Club citrus fundraiser deliveries, giving back to their community is of paramount importance. Gary is honored to be part of the outstanding team at the Skaneateles Education Foundation, and plans to continue the exceptional work that so many before us have undertaken.